Super fashion ONX3 (Grey) BLU Pure XR Case High Quality Pouch Sleeve Faux Leather Case Cover with Pull Tab Cord Slip In, Includes Stereo Aluminium Earphones ID56uPYD

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    This Pull tab Slip pouch is designed specifically for your phone and will offer you device protection, style and easy use. It is made from high quality synthetic leather with a soft velvert which will protect your phone from scratches and scrapes. The pull strap makes it simple and easy to get your phone out of the case with a magnetic tip placing the tab back to its original position automatically. With this exclusive case you need to worry about the scratches, dents and grazes at the same time. The case fits perfectly and tight to the Phone. The package includes a set of aluminium earphones which produce the astounding sound quality. The sound is well balanced and detailed throughout the spectrum whilst producing a rich, deep bass response and sparkling.